This past summer I headed out on one of many adventures looking for original locations for all my 2015 wedding couples. When I saw what looked like massive factories my heart skipped a beat!

I love old historical and abandoned, forgotten places. Luckily after 8 hours of driving around I stumbled upon an old airplane hangar from WWII that had been purchased to revamp. The owner was kind enough to show us around and even took us up on the rooftop to show us the prairie views. He explained how he had been redoing the rooftop over the last 8 years and how all the old bomber planes once inhabited the space for students to learn on between 1942 and 1945.  Dont quote me on the information being correct as I received my facts from the owner.

Hope you enjoy how cute JP & Ali photos are from their engagement session!

Ali’s pink tutu was an amazing contrast to the weathered interior of the hangar. My favorite spot was when we found a hallway that was missing part of the roof that allowed the sunlight to beam through. I shot 42 frames and compiled them using the brenizer method to create  the 4th image in this blog post.