Jumping Pound Ranch Wedding – Sarah Pukin

January 4, 2023

Jumping Pound Ranch Wedding Sarah Pukin Photography 1

Jumping Pound Ranch Wedding

Simplistic Summer Jumping Pound Ranch Wedding.


I had never heard of Jumping Pound Ranch Wedding Venue before Kait and Brady had to go on the hunt for a new Venue. During their Engagement Photoshoot they had let me know they might have to switch Venues for their Wedding. Once they showed me Jumping Pound Ranch I was totally blown away.

Calgary is lacking on Venues that have a bigger capacity but are outdoors and have that natural rustic vibe to them.

So once they showed me their new Venue I was eager to shoot there!

Let me tell you it didn’t disappoint!

I believe their Wedding was the first official Ceremony and Reception the Ranch had. It was perfect! A little hot as all summer Weddings are but everyone enjoying moments together in the evening and playing lawn games was memorable.

My favourite part of their Wedding was during the Ceremony their two dogs brought their rings down the aisle to them. If you have been on my website for more than a few minuets you will know I am dog obsessed and was so excited that their dogs also stayed for photos after the Ceremony.

All in all everything from their signature cocktails, beautiful scenic ceremony to the flash mob at the end of the night was so fun to photograph.

If you’re considering a tent Wedding Venue I highly suggest doing it! Something about the open walls makes for amazing mingling and gives your guests such an amazing experience. Plus its such a clean slate for your vibe and style – you can jazz it up or keep it simple like Kait and Brady did! Everything looks good in a tent!

Also if you love neon signs you have to check out their head table set up! Its perfection!

If you’re thinking about getting married in 2023 or 2024 my books are now open! Reach out here to find out more about my availability and offerings! Also if you love dogs thats a massive bonus!

Also, make sure to check out their Coutts Centre Engagement Photo Shoot – it was so lush and uniquely them!



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