Dusk Kananaskis Post-Wedding Adventure Session with boho style!

Tony and Ambers dreamy Kananaskis Post-Wedding Adventure Session.

From start to finish I absolutely loved Amber and Tonys Adventure session. They had Married earlier in the day and wanted to go to the mountains for an adventure session. Luckily for me the timing worked out perfectly to meet them in the mountains for an evening post-wedding adventure session.

We climbed through the forest and adventured into the trees taking sweet moments by the lake. Lanterns glowed in the evening light as these two snuggled in the grass.

After a hazy sunset we took advantage of Ambers VW Beetle. It was such a complimentary colour to the blue night sky.


Three tips for planning your Kananaskis Post-Wedding Adventure session with me!

1. What kind of adventure level are you?

Are you a mountain climbing, getting dirty, uphill kind of human or are you more of a stay on level ground and walk into the trees or through winding paths. Will you climb up or down hills and rock piles for the perfect shot? All levels are amazing – nothing is right or wrong when it comes to an adventure session. Just know you might get a little dusty or dirty in your outfits.

2. Timing.

If you want a longer adventure session I suggest doing the “hiking” part earlier so we can end up at the spot we want to go to at the perfect most optimal timing for light of the location. Although, if you want sunset photos choosing a little later in the day is ideal. Have a look at the location you are most drawn to for your adventure session and see, if its hike in, what the average timing is online – I personally suggest looking at ¬†“all trails” to see what comments people have made about the trail to figure out how long you need.

3. Wearing your outfits or bringing them in your bag.

Do you want to wear your fancy duds during the hike or are you planning on keeping them in a bag until we reach out destination.

If you want to carry your items (I suggest this at locations with more than a 20 min hike to get to the first spot we are shooting at – after all bears are use to seeing bear bums! and changing in the forest isn’t as hard as you would think it is).

If we are choosing a spot we can start shooting right away you might want to change in your Vehicle or bring a sheet to hang out between two doors of your car to make a makeshift change room.

What they did for their Kananaskis Post-Wedding Adventure session

Tony and Amber went for an evening/sunset Kananaskis Post-Wedding Adventure session, where they wore their jazzy outfits and kept it at an easy adventure level for the most part!!

Are you ready to plan your Post-Wedding Adventure session in Kananaskis or the Rockie Mountains? Contact me here to start chatting details!

Brides stunning dress is from BHLDN.