Kananaskis Winter Engagement Photos

January 5, 2021

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Anita and Roshans Playful Kananaskis Winter Engagement Photos

Kananaskis Winter Engagement Photos that will bring all the warm fuzzy goodness into your day! I absolutely love adventuring with my couples, and my favourite part of winter Engagement photos in Kananaskis is that you never know how much or little snow you are going to get.

That Mountain Air!

The brisk mountain air sweeps across the mountaintops and hits the trees and before you know it you’re covered in snowflakes.

Something about a lake not yet frozen is really magical and playing in the snow with your partner is super fun – as long as they don’t knock you over (inside joke).

It’s a sign.

If you have ever considered doing Kananaskis winter Engagement photos let me tell you this is a sign!

This year is the perfect time to create memories and do things you have always wanted to do. In other words take more time for yourself and your partner. Take advantage of how lucky we are to have such a beautiful place to visit and play amongst.

Favorite Moment.

Above all, my absolutely favourite thing about Anita and Roshans Engagement adventure session in the winter was when we got a big wind gust that blew the perfect fluffy snow all over these two while they were cuddling.

Subsequently, It honestly couldn’t have been anymore perfect and the moment was super cute. See photo above!!

I seriously can’t wait to hang out with these two again later this year for their multi day celebration! Their whole winter Engagement session was laughter and hearing stories about them as a couple.

My favourite story is when Anita told me Roshan pushes her off the ski lift when they are getting off of it – I can’t even tell you how funny it is and how cute these two are. Their Wedding is truly going to be so much fun and I can’t wait to see what other fun memories we make!

If you want to do Winter Engagement photos in Kananaskis with me feel free to send me an email to or fill out my contact form here!

From The Cute Couple!

How did you meet?

Initially we met when we were young through family friends but then lost touch. We got reintroduced when we were much older when we started playing on the same soccer team together and continued to do so for many years.

Eventually we started having overlapping friend circles and our relationship began when Anita wished me good luck on my first day of work!

Engagement story who asked who and how did it go down?

At the end of the summer, Roshan convinced me to go and look at a few homes together. Just before the first house, he tricked me into believing that he had gotten the timing wrong and that we had an hour to kill.

Roshan suggested taking a walk and we ended up at Scotsman’s Hill in Ramsey facing the Calgary skyline. Roshan had made raspberry banana pancakes which I loved and we sat on a bench and ate them.

When getting up to leave, Roshan suggested going to the edge of the hill to take a photograph (something he would never do normally and this is where the gig was up!). He proposed at the edge of the hill and I said Yes!

What was your favourite thing about one another?

Her kind heart for others and bubbly and fearlessly loving personality.

Roshan is quiet, sweet and introverted until you get to know him, and then you realize he is an extremely passionate and driven soul, full of excitement towards life.

What was your favourite moment during your shoot?

When Roshan dropped me in a snowbank while we tried to take the lifted shots!

Why did you feel the location/spots were wicked for your shoot?

The day just seemed perfect. We weren’t sure what it would be like in the mountains that day and as we drove out, it started with fall bright colours and got more and more frosty as we drove. At the lake, it was a bright cloud covered snowy wonderland.

Although it wasn’t actually snowing that day, the occasional breeze seemed to lift some snow off the trees and made our photos look like we were inside a wintery snow globe!

What are you most excited and looking forward to for your Wedding Day?

We have a lot of uncertainties about the Wedding, but we are excited to see how all the small things come together and to celebrate with friends and family!

If you could own a dinosaur as a pet what one would you choose?

A littlefoot! From Land Before Time! Because he’s so cute but is also modest, intelligent, adventurous and positive.

Coffee, tea or booze?

Coffee for both! Gin and Tonic for her and a craft beer for him!

Kind Words

“Our photoshoot was a break from reality! Sarah picked Lower Kananaskis Lake for our shoot. We had no idea where to go and trusted her to pick a spot. The whole day was pretty much a fun date for Rosh and I and a break from the city! Sarah helped us not be awko tacos in front of the camera and fixed all our angles.

She made us laugh pretty much throughout the whole shoot and was very patient as we changed our outfits or slowly R walked in knee deep snow with improper footwear. We were amazed at the sneak peaks she posted on instagram and loved each one of the final pictures. This made choosing the pictures we wanted to purchase difficult but we are happy with each and every one! Thank you so much Sarah! We can’t wait for the wedding.”

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