Lisa & John – Engaged!!!

May 11, 2010

Lisa & John’s engagement session was just wicked. We hit up a few different spots… despite the cold weather these two were fantastic!

Here is some of their images! Enjoy.


How did the engagement go down, who asked who? John asked on Christmas Eve of 09 in front of the whole Family after we found out that his MRI for his Brain Tumor had shrunk.


Was it love at first site? Could say that the first date was intense we did everything you could possibly think of.


What Lisa Loves about John: His sense of humor and his approach to everything that he is easy going.


How did you know Lisa was the one? Couldn’t resist her smile and thought about her all the time


John and Lisa Love to: Play hockey together and Golf.


What was your favorite thing about your engagement session? All the fun that we had even with climbing on everything and John being John


What about John makes you smile? His sense of humor and looking in to his eyes and I always think about him even when were not together


Favorite song? Why don’t we just dance Josh Turner


One place in the world they just have to go to together: Maui Hawaii


The one thing they can’t wait to do at their wedding: Having so much fun in Mexico with our family’s and being on vacation for a week and just enjoying each other


Perfect date is: Going out to a early hockey game and then heading out and having supper and continuing the fun after.


Testimonial: Sarah is very professional and lets you know how everything will happen and what to expect. Would for sure do it again. Congratulations Lisa & John!!! Hope you have a wonderful wedding and a super fabulous life together!



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