Moody Calgary Boudoir Photographer.

Are you here because you’re looking for a Calgary Boudoir Photographer?

Are you more drawn to the moody side of things when it comes to an intimate lifestyle session?

Well although I’ve been bad at blogging over this pandemic (mostly because of stress) I have decided to make a massive effort at sharing more on my website and blog! I’m sure if you follow me on Instagram you know I have been posting teasers and lots of stories – but finding words and time to blog has been a struggle.

BUT I am feeling really good right now and ready to share more of the sessions where my clients have signed a partial or full release – allowing me to share their Calgary Boudoir Photos!

I wanted to share a few thoughts on my work, passion and love for empowering others and I will do another post on how the full process works!

First I always do consultations for any of my Moody Calgary Boudoir Photographer Photoshoots. Why?

Because I have developed a love of hearing you’re backstory and why you have decided to do a Boudoir photo shoot.

Feel Empowered

Some people who come to me want to feel empowered but some just want photos to look back on when they are older and remember a specific time in their lives. Some have other reasons.

No matter what kind of reason you’re thinking of doing a session I will always honour your spicy level. What does that mean?

For whatever reason people come to do a boudoir photo shoot they also want to portray themselves in a way they are comfortable with or want to remember at this time in their lives. So some want spicier photos and some want more sexy vs spicy. The difference really is in the suggestiveness of the image.

This is usually easiest to understand when I do a consultation call with you.

Comfort level

I always am a huge cheerleader of pushing you’re comfort level a little bit but am never too pushy. I’d generally say do what you’re comfortable with – maybe add in some more spicy shots and when we are proofing for your session you can choose what images you want! At least you have options.

Also a lot of my clients sign full releases but some don’t feel comfortable and by no means do you need to not shoot some kind of photos because you’re worried about them hitting the internet – I honour your privacy and make notes to make sure only the images you’re comfortable with me sharing are shared.

Are you ready to book your Intimate Lifestyle session by Moody Calgary Boudoir Photographer Sarah (me)? Contact me here!

Cute droptop if from Aritzia

Fishnets from Ardene

Bra and Panty set from Bratopia


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