Mountain Top Engagement Photos by Canadian Rockies Photographer Sarah Pukin

November 11, 2020

Mountain Top Engagement Photos by Canadian Rockies Photographer – Sarah Pukin.

Jillian and Nathans Playful Mountain top Engagement Photos in the Canadian Rockies with Photographer Sarah Pukin.

As a Canadian Rockies Photographer Adventure photography sessions are my new favourite way to create memories. I have always taken my more adventurous couples on easy hikes and had them go to unique not-so-easy to get to spots for epic photos.

But now I have decided to give it an official name. Thus this amazing Mountain top engagement session in the Canadian Rockies is deemed an adventure session with moi, Canadian Rockies Photographer Sarah Pukin.

3 Suggestions to help you decide if you want to do an Adventure session.

1. Do you appreciate epic photos?

Not everyone really appreciates photos that have that extra level to them that makes them epic. A lot of my couples prefer unique spots that are easy to get to. Not everyone wants to spend a few hours climbing up a mountain to get away from everyone and see new heights, possibly hiking down in the dark. (Luckily Jillian had a very good “loud voice” and could scream “Hey Bear” pretty loud to scare off any furry friends).

2. Do you mind changing in the middle of a forest?

I always suggest since, hiking for me at least makes me sweat like a mofo, that you bring a backpack to store cute shoes and your clothes in.

Most people don’t want to scale a mountain in dressy clothing or jeans. I suggest stretchy breathable clothing. That means once we get to the perfect spot you will need to change in the middle of nowhere.

I’m pretty lucky that no one I have ever photographed as a Canadian Rockies Photographer has ever had an issue changing mountain top – but its something most people don’t consider before hand!

3. Do you want breathtaking photos that not many other people will have the chance of having?

Most likely your friends don’t have photos of them on an adventure to the top of a mountain or down to a waterfall.

It’s likely people you know will have photos in parks or downtown – both amazing options but this will set you apart from other photos people you know might have. If you run in circles of adventurous people well… you’re lucky!

*feel free to send them my way :P

Did you say yes to all of those?

Well, If you are cool with all three of those suggestions then you are in the perfect place!

Here is a few questions I asked Jillian and Nathan about their Adventure engagement session in the Canadian Rockies!

What was your favourite thing about your Engagement Photoshoot in the Canadian Rockies?

“We loved how much fun it was! The hike up to it was great and getting to know Sarah on the way was awesome. We definitely felt like we were hiking with a new friend. She made us super comfortable and encouraged us to be our goofy selves. We laughed from start to finish.”

Why did you feel the location was wicked for your shoot with Canadian Rockies Photographer Sarah Pukin?

“The location was amazing because it was both stunning and unique. We knew we had always wanted to shoot in the mountains but wanted something less traditional. We felt like this location captured the beauty of the mountain ruggedness with a gorgeous lake backdrop. Even more, shooting here allowed Nathan and I to see a new part of the Rockies we had never seen before.”

Oh, and such amazing kind words from them both!

“We are so glad that we have chosen Sarah to be our photographer for our Wedding. Getting to shoot with her felt like we were working with someone we had already been friends with for years. We had hours of hiking to get to and from our location and Nathan and I had a blast just getting to chat with her.

While shooting, Sarah helped us look good while encouraging us to have fun with one another. She had a very clear vision of what we were hoping to achieve and helped us make our ideas into a reality.

Sarah was able to think quickly on her feet when our initial plan for the shoot was kiboshed by path closures and choose the perfect location for us. In addition to being a great human to be around and a wonderful Photographer, Sarah has also been highly professional.

She is always quick to respond to any questions and got our photos set up for us to view right away. We truly value her easy-going nature and dedication to her clients. We can’t wait to work with her again soon!”

If you’re looking to book Engagement, Couples, or Elopement/Wedding Photography in the Canadian Rockies feel free to contact me through here with your ideas!: Contact

And, Check out more Q and A’s with this cute couple at the end of the post about how they met and how their Engagement went down!! And a little info about what kind of dinosaur they would have as a pet if they could! ya know… the fun stuff :P

How did you meet?

Our paths first crossed when dollar draft night happened to land on the same evening as a Brett Kissel concert. Our friends had both invited us out last minute and thankfully we are both always up for a fun night out.

Walking into Cowboys, Nathan took a look around looking for a dance partner and quickly noticed Jill, the tallest redhead he’d ever seen. Before long, we were dancing and the night away. Many laughs were had, names were accidentally heard wrong and numbers were exchanged.

Jill returned home telling all her friends about this great guy named “Mason” that she had met the night before. As such, it was a bit of a surprise when a man named Nathan contacted her the next day to ask her to dinner. Only two days later, we had our official first date and the rest is history. 

Engagement story who asked who and how did it go down?

Knowing that Jill wanted to be surprised, Nathan enlisted the help of Jill’s Family to pull of the engagement. He arranged for Jill’s Family to go to Banff for a “Family day trip” and happily dropped Jill off at her Parent’s place in the morning with a “see you tonight when you get back!” Little did Jill know that Nathan was quickly running back home and grabbing the ring before racing up to Banff to beat the Conways there.

While on a beautiful mountain walk, just ahead of Jill and her Family, Nathan popped out of a bush, in full dress clothes and quickly got down on one knee. Laughing from excitement and the hilarity of Nathan popping out of a bush, Jill enthusiastically said yes.    

What is your favourite thing about one another?

My favourite thing about Jill is her genuine love and kindness that she shares with those around her. She is always there to help those in need and you will always find her searching for new ways to bring happiness into the lives of others.

It is really hard to pick just one favourite thing about Nathan. He is honestly one of the best humans I have ever met. My favourite things about him are the things that I think make us work so well together. His sense of humour combined with his ability to not take himself or life too seriously encourages us to have so much fun together while his continuous optimism brings so much calm and joy to my life.  

What are you most excited and looking forward to for your Wedding Day?

Aside from the obvious excitement about getting Married, we are very much looking forward to having all our extended Family and friends come together. We can’t wait to dance the night away in celebration with all of our favourite people. 

If you could own a dinosaur as a pet what one would you choose?

Both of us love the Land Before Time series so we would have to choose Spike (the chubby little stegosaurus). We are pretty confident that our cat Cleo would be on board with this new friend. 

Coffee, tea or booze?

Both our favourite drinks are espresso martinis soooo…are we allowed to combine these options? ☺

Her Outfit!

Just encase your wondering where Jillian got her stunning maroon dress for their engagement photos with Canadian Rockies Photographer Sarah Pukin you can find it here!

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