Natasha and Matt – Engagement Photos at Big Hill Springs

July 19, 2018

Engagement Photos at Big Hill Springs 2

Natasha and Matt – Engagement Photos at Big Hill Springs

Besides now officially being in love with shooting Engagement Photos at Big Hill Springs, I also have fallen in love with shooting in the rain!
The windy moments picking up hair and the moody moments wandering through the lush forest couldn’t be any more of a visual dream than it was during Natasha and Matt’s session. These two prepped hard with rubber boots and when we all met in the parking lot wearing them I knew we were on the same page!
Running through the open fields and smooching by the stream only starts to explain the fun adventure we had during their session. They even climbed up a waterfall just to smooch at the top.
I don’t know about you but I love to look at peoples photos and feel their connection – Matt looks at Natasha with such a warmth and Natasha is full of laughter during their engagement photos at big hill springs. These two are just so sweet and I am super excited to be shooting their mountain wedding in September. These months will fly by pretty fast and soon I will be watching them hold hands and say their I-do’s with all of their friends and family under a gloriously beautiful setting.
Also I can’t wait to see what adventure we go on for their wedding – glassy waters and mountain ranges are in our future!
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I started asking my couples for their story because they tell it the very best and I think it helps the feel of the images! So here is a little from Natasha and Matt!

How did you meet? // We worked together at Future Shop. He was transferred to the store I was working at and actually was dating someone else when we met…….oops!!
Engagement story // We had been together 5 years by the time we got engaged, and had talked about getting married someday but had other things we wanted to do first. A ring never seemed to fit in the budget so was not on my radar at all, especially since we had just bought and built our first home. The day we took possession of our house my best friend and her husband were coming over with pizza and to help us unpack a little bit. When they arrived my mom was with them…….I was not expecting this, but didn’t find it unusual since she wanted to see the house too. And then they pulled out champagne, still no red flags as it seemed like a normal thing to drink when you were celebrating, which we were. Matt then announces the he wants to make a toast and I clearly remember thinking…..oh geez this is going to be so cheesy, I just know it……and the next thing I know he’s down on one knee with a ring in his hands. I don’t even remember what he said, but I do remember I ran to the bathroom to hide because I was in total shock! How did he pull this off without me knowing about it?? I’m very difficult to surprise! As it turns out, my best friend had paid for the ring and kept it at her house to keep the purchase off my radar <3
Favorite thing about each other //
Matt: My favourite thing about her is her smile, her smile lights up my life. And her laugh since they go hand in hand.
Natasha: My favourite thing about him is how much he loves me. He always makes me feel like I’m the center of his universe.
If you were on a island in the middle of the ocean and you could only scream one thing what would it be? // The first thing that came do both of our minds was the penis game lol. Whoever can screams PENIS the loudest wins!!!
What was your first date // Watching Pirates of the Caribbean at my house before the new one came out in the theater.
What’s your favourite thing to do together // We love doing so many things……hiking, sitting on the front deck in the mornings drinking coffee, being totally lazy and playing video games and watching movies all weekend, taking long walks with the dog……so many things!

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