Orchard Restaurant Engagement Session Calgary.

Romantic Winter Engagement session in Orchard Restaurant downtown Calgary.

To say that Alexis and Conrad’s Orchard Restaurant Engagement Session was dreamy would be an understatement!

After chatting about all the different spots in Calgary we could do their engagement photo shoot I suggested Orchard as I had done some Wedding photos inside earlier last summer and had added it to my bucket list for locations in Calgary!

When they finally chose Orchard I was ecstatic!

Mostly because I absolutely love plants and the restaurant has an abundance of them, but also because I knew the colour scheme and way the restaurant is set up would play out perfectly for the editorial shooting style Alexis was wanting for their photos.

(ps I’m amazing at shooting editorially – bringing my past experience shooting fashion for magazines and models really is an absolute asset for coming up with more specific posing).

Also when I asked them if they would be brave enough to venture outside for a few photos at the end of their photo shoot they were totally game – and well if you scroll to the end of this post you will see how cold and completely worth it – it was!

Props to them both for braving the cold for those photos – I adore the playful moments and then the bas ass ones of them walking down Stevens Ave!

Words from Alexis and Conrad

Kind words //

Conrad: “
Sarah, you have an excellent eye for getting amazing shots, whether they are dramatic and staged just right or just capturing the little moments between us between poses. I had a ton of fun during the shoot and am looking forward to having you spend the day with us during our wedding!”

Alexis: “Sarah, I fell in love with your editorial style and ability to capture emotions and the “story behind” the photos. You have an eye to capture the perfect shot and it was a pleasure to see your craft in action!”


How did you meet?  

We met during orientation week in the first year of university. We found out we had 3/5 classes together and the rest is history.

Alexis: I like to call it the “mere-exposure effect” (i.e. the more familiar you are with something the more you like it!). Jokes aside, we quickly discovered how similar we were in not only how we decided what profs/courses to take but also in music and hobbies.

Engagement story //

Conrad asked Alexis. I was planning on co-opting a New Years Eve party our friends throw every year and have Alexis be part of the planning team. As COVID started locking more things down, I adjusted to a small gathering in a nice hotel room, to us and another couple, and finally with no social gatherings, I had a hotel and no way to get her there without arousing suspicion. Just after Christmas, Alexis sees a post on Instagram about hotels offering a room and dinner for NYE.

I light up and tell her that I will get us one. I arrange to have a friend slip into the room ahead of time and bring the ring. I had to get her to the right spot where the camera was recording and pick up the ring in the room without her noticing. I rush ahead, grab the ring and then start fiddling with the blinds. I call her over to “help” and as she starts to adjust the blinds, I step back and get down on one knee.

Conrad hinted that he would propose by the end of 2020. As the clock ticked down, I kept guessing on how he was going to do it – there were quite a few fackouts! For instance he invited a couple to come for a “walk to get bubble tea” in formal attire. When he did propose I was surprised to find out he booked the hotel room months in advance (not as part of the NYE deal I found).


What was your favourite thing about one another?

I love how clever she is and despite being total opposites in a lot of ways, how compatible we are.

Alexis: Little acts of devotion and always being there for me. For instance, since we started living together he has made me coffee every morning (which is so romantic, especially  since he does not even drink coffee).


What was your favourite part of your shoot?

The ladder. Despite having at most 3 points of contact between the two of us for some of the shots, it was super fun and the shots look great.

Alexis: The candid photos and I love the behind the scenes videos.


Why did you choose Orchard Restaurant for your Engagement Session in Calgary //

Conrad: It was always going to be somewhere we could get food because that’s our biggest way of connecting. Orchard is an aesthetic we both like, the greenery in a very urban space, very modern, it helps that the food and drinks are good but we would go to that space just to enjoy being in it.

Alexis: We are big foodies so we knew we wanted part of the shoot to be in a restaurant. Our wedding colours are purple and green and wanted a location to make those colours pop. I also love the contrast between the modern and natural elements of the restaurant. Photos with the Calgary tower in the background were also super cute! Conrad and I are both born and raised in Calgary so it was nice to have that landmark.


What are you most excited and looking forward to for your wedding day?

I am looking forward to having a day that is uniquely “us”. From the decor, food, styling, even the choices for the flow of the day. All of that is reflection of us and I am excited to have that be our launchpad into our life together. 

Alexis: I am looking forward to the mix of cultures at the wedding – especially the traditional chinese instruments! The vows will be a memorable part for me (hoping to see Conrad choke up as he is always so eloquent when he speaks).


If you could own a dinosaur as a pet what one would you choose?

Hard pass, seems like a lot of maintenance. 

Alexis: I am a big proponent of research before making a decision on pets. Based on this article, it sounds like the psittacosaurus is the way to go!


Coffee, tea or booze?

She’s coffee, I’m tea, but we meet in the middle at booze – I concur!


If you made it this far thank you so much for reading about this stunning Winter Orchard Restaurant Engagement Session!! If your looking for a bad ass photographer for you’re Wedding, Elopement, Engagement or Couples photos please contact me here!


Without further adieu – Alexis and Conrads amazing Romantic Winter Engagement session in Orchard Restaurant downtown Calgary.