Proposal at Moraine Lake – Sarah Pukin

December 14, 2022

Summer Proposal at Moraine Lake.

I am so excited to share Jaz and Nats Surprise Proposal at Moraine Lake! After a lot of planning and discussion on the perfect spot Jaz and I officially nailed down the perfect plan for him to propose to his girlfriend Nat on their trip to Lake Louise.

Moraine Lake is one of the trickiest places to plan a surprise proposal when it’s not during a couples photo session.

Why? Well first off after a few minutes on Moraine Lake road you loose all cell service. Meaning if you’re running late or the plan changes at all you won’t be able to communicate that.

The access road is now monitored by the town and only allows a select number of vehicles in at a time. Leaving you to drive up and down the main road hoping someone is coming out when you want to go in (they don’t let you line up and wait to go in you just have to keep trying your luck).

There is way too many people visiting the spots that are the most picturesque! Meaning your proposal won’t be private and you will have lots of people photobombing your moment!

But in saying all this there is a few ways to get around not having fast access to Moraine Lake and plan your trip out so everything is as smooth as possible!


4 of my top way to access Moraine Lake


  1. book a room at the Hotel thats on the Lake. This gives you access to the road no matter what time or how busy the parking lot is.
  2. Private shuttle – depending on where you are staying they might offer a private shuttle you can prebook ahead of time.
  3. Book the bus that takes you up.
  4. Show up an hour early and try your luck and if you get in earlier go for a walk around the Lake before your proposal time!
  5. Choose a weekday and not a long weekend! Weekends are a lot busier at the Lake and parking will definitely be a problem. Choosing a mid week date will up your chances for success at getting to the Lake!

My favourite thing about photographing Proposals at Moraine Lake is it truly is as breathtaking in person as it is in photos – if you’re coming from out of town you will have the most beautiful memories to show everyone back home.


If you’re planning your Proposal and want it at Moraine Lake or Lake Louise in Banff National Park I would start planning early! Make sure to contact me at the beginning stages so I can pass along helpful advice and guide you through the process so you get the best possible photos for your big moment! Contact me here for information!

Words from the couple

kind words //

Sarah is the best, she really took her time with us and really made the whole photoshoot experience perfect. As explained above the whole day was just magical for us, the time she took to take every single photo, she didn’t rush us she was so calm and so lovely.  Sarah didn’t take just the usual standard shots everyone does, they were very thoughtful passionate and heart touching photos she took of us. We are so so so happy! We can’t thank Sarah enough, she really has made us one happy couple.

How did you meet?

Me & Jaz met through his best friend, I had a phone call from his friend asking me to join him and his friends at their house party, plan wasn’t to go but something made me go, so I rounded up my friends and said Yolo and tbh I’m so glad I did, because I don’t think we ever would have met otherwise , that night we connected like fire and every day even during the times we have been apart due to our long distance relationship … since the day we met 28th August 2020 we have not had one day where the communication has stopped  & now here we are…. I guess the rest is history.

Engagement story:

Who asked who and how did it go down?

Well a couple months ago before the proposal Jaz decided to meet up with my parents without me knowing and decided to ask my parents for my hand in marriage. Obviously the meet up went really well and my parents were over the moon about it. He’s been planning the proposal ever since he did that, really putting his time and effort into everything to make it the best day for me, which I will never forget.

The proposal was absolutely breathtaking and so beautiful as he took me up the mountains on Moraine Lake, not forgetting in my heels it was absolutely hilarious! Not forgetting the part when Sarah was there, we even passed her on the way up and she just blended in like a normal tourist I had no clue, she was going to be our photographer, she even came over to us when I was struggling with standing especially with the heels I had on, she gave me some hints of where to stand and even then I still didn’t realize what was going on super ditsy! Honestly when he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him was one of the best days of my life.


What was your favourite thing about one another?

Overall I would say the favourite thing about us is how we can be so ourselves with each other, like best friends, like soulmates it’s the smiles and connection that drew each other to one another.


What was your favourite thing about your shoot?

Everything was my favourite, the whole experience, I think what made it special was the fact I had no clue , totally a surprise! Sarah captured the whole thing, from the amazing views of moraine lake behind us, to the different angled shots, it was so fun we loved every minute of it … I mean she even got us standing on the cliff of a rock, we were totally shitting ourselves but it was all a part of the plan, as the photos came out ABSOLUTELY STUNNING!


Why did you feel the location was wicked for your shoot?

The location was just magical and so tranquil, somewhere totally unique where nobody has been, for us UK people, everyone does the standard proposals in Paris, Italy, different parts of Europe, but I can forever hold this moment close and say that my future Husband proposed somewhere totally unique to everyone else. I will always cherish that moment we had there, as everytime we come back to Moraine Lake it will be a special memory.

What are you most excited and looking forward to for your wedding day?

I’m most excited to MARRY MY BEST FRIEND.

If you could own a dinosaur as a pet what one would you choose?


Coffee, tea or other?

Definitely Chai Latte

Where are your outfits from?

So Jaz’s outfit was from Burberry  Natasha’s outfit was actually designed and made by her mum.

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