Raelene & Taylor – Urban Fall Engagement Photos Calgary

October 7, 2016

Raelene & Taylor – Urban Fall Engagement Photos Calgary.

Can we talk about how much I love these Urban Fall Engagement Photos of R & T!

Anytime someone is over the top giggly and the easiest to make laugh I pretty much tell myself this will be the best.

On Wednesday, it was 5 degrees out and slightly windy. Being the baby I totally am, I was freezing! My hands were redder than Rudolph’s nose! And then you have Raelene, in tights and a cute dress. Was she cold? Nope! Maybe it was all the snuggling Taylor gave her.

Stray Cats Love me!

When we were shooting an adorable kitty decided to come visit us. I have a slight hesitance for Cats I’ve never met before due to once being attacked by one but once I realized this kitty just needed some love in his day I was more than happy to oblige him! He was worth the hives as well!

Can we say parkour?

Also, props for Raelene. This girl climbed up a super random spot in Inglewood so I could get some sick shots of them cuddling and hanging out in front of two large packing crates. Dangerous? Maybe. Awesome and worth it? Yes and yes!

I’m pretty pumped because these two are getting married this winter at The Bow Valley Ranche Restaurant in Fish Creek Park.

This is going to be my official first time shooting at The Ranche after the new owners took over. Thus, I’m super excited to see what changes have been made and to have a fresh playground for documenting what’s going to be a super fun wedding.

What one is your favorite from their Urban Fall Engagement Photos? Let me know in the comments! Mine is definitely the photos of Taylor lifting Rae up in front of the really sweet looking car!



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