Leanne & Justin Teaser

May 27, 2014

Last weekend was my kick-off for wedding season. I decided to do something I always have wanted to do and lucky for me I had just the right couple that would think my idea was amazing.

In short, it involved a lot of sweat and muscles.

Can you guess what we did? No we didn’t do push-ups… we climbed a Mountain! Go us!

Leanne being the super rad client she is, was totally down with my explanation of “oh it will only take an hour and a half, in and out”. Something that turned out to be more like two hours! (that’s why it was definitely important to give yourself enough time for formal photos of you and your hubby ladies!).

As we tired and contemplated giving up at the 3/4 mark by the waterfall, a lovely man told us to keep going. Apparantly it would only be ten more minutes to the prettiest lake and it was up “only up a few stairs”.

This wonderful man neglected to tell us that these stairs were about 4 steps high per one stair deep and the remainder of the hike was like climbing up a ladder. Also the ten minuets was more like 20 if your’e not an enthusiast. (Note I haven’t worked out in about six years and my extent of recent “extreme” activity was hitting up Disney Land for 10 hours in one day with Leigh and repeating it again the following day in Disney California Adventure Park – side side note … definitely worth it – I LOVE me some Disney!). After a quick chat with Justin and Leanne we decided it was totally worth it, plus we could take the easy route back down the mountain. So we pushed on.

Going up the stairs from hell paid off in the end. At the top you get this amazing view of the valley and a lake, the natural colors are amazing, the blues and greens make me smile. Not to mention moss, everywhere had moss.

I love when algae propagates in a lake, if I could bottle it and bring it home it would be sitting beside me right now.

After stumbling upon a random but amazing wooden tipi we headed back down the mountain.

Please note most of these teaser photos I’m either standing on the edge of something or basically sweating profusely as I’m apparently scared of falling off a mountain while I’m stubborn enough to want to get the best angle nature is letting me get.

Thanks Justin and Leanne for being so amazing and going on such a fun adventure with me and Crystal. I loved being part of your day and I cant wait to blog more of your wedding in the coming weeks!

*Note to Brides – If your looking for a wedding photographer who is willing to climb a mountain for amazing photos I’m now officially your girl! :P

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