Sexy & Classy Boudoir Photography in Calgary

I love shoot boudoir photography in Calgary. We all know that it’s basically what I was put on this earth to do.

Empowering people and creating art that translates into something classy yet eyecatching. Art has the ability to reinvigorates a person once they see themselves in the photos it reminds them about how sexy they are.

I am over the moon about sharing her photos with everyone. I can’t thank her enough for feeling empowered and wanting to share her images with you!

I especially love the outfits she brought to her Boudoir session. The colours really complimented her red hair and milky pale complexion.

One of my favorite things is when people have really light complexions. There is something about the contrast that happens that really bring mystery into the images.

Have you ever considered doing an intimate session of yourself? Maybe for someone as a gift or maybe a gift to yourself? Personally I feel like Boudoir Photography in Calgary has really become something more socially acceptable and now people are more open about wanting to do a session to make themselves feel great.

If you have been thinking about it and you’re here checking out this glimpse inside her session just make the move and send me an email by going to my contact page – it never hurts to chat about what you might want to do for your session and what I have to offer here at my Boudoir Studio!

I would be honoured to chat with you and make you feel as wonderful as all of my other boss babes have after their session!

And if your looking for cute outfits like hers – she got hers mostly at La Senza and Victoria’s Secret!