Sexy “Mrs.” t-shirt Bridal Boudoir

Sometimes my awesome clients bring sexy bridal t-shirts to their sessions as an option – whether it says “Mrs”, “bride” or even sometimes it’s just a plain cotton shirt that looks awesome in shots and is a perfect addition to rock the shoot.

This stunning lady did her session for her hubby-to-be and brought a “Mrs.” t-shirt that she got online for one of her looks for her boudoir session.

I love the range of looks she got during her session by bringing different styles of outfits. From a simplistic bra and panty set to her full purple ensemble she just rocked it!

Also can we talk about her shoes for a second? She has the cutest heels ever. As a woman I personally love cute accessories and I love how she found undies with a bow on them! They are the cutest accessory you could have for your session in my opinion.

I enjoy that every lady I get to shoot inspires me in a different way. Finding just the right angle and pose to show off how amazing they are is always the best part of my job.

What will you bring to your session? What’s your favourite Boudoir accessory?

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