Sheep River Falls Engagement Photo Shoot.

Couple stands hand in hand at Sheep River Falls for their engagement photo shoot in turner valley.

Winter Engagement session at Sheep River Falls in Turner Valley.

Nothing like breathing the Winter air at your Sheep River Falls Engagement photo shoot. Nestled not far away from Calgary is Turner Valley, a quaint town with adorable shops and not too far past it is Sheep River Falls. The perfect areas for Engagement photos – especially before the road closes for the Winter.

Frozen Waterfall.

It’s the luck of the draw on how frozen the waterfall will be each year. Because of Winter conditions they close the access road to most of the area. Lucky for us this year it was still open although maps said the road had been closed already. (We had such a mild early Winter this year).

Sheep River Falls Engagement Photo Shoot Snuggle Buddy.

Winter Engagement Photo Shoots are always the most cuddly and snuggly shoots. Nothing is sweeter than red noses and extra closeness in photos. It really shows a sweet connection. Plus to stay warm there is lots of movement so you don’t freeze. Also something I adore!

Choosing the best Winter location for your Photo Shoot.

The best part of being a Calgary Photographer is that it’s really the hub to so many amazing locations for Engagement and Wedding Photoshoots. When you’re choosing a location during the Winter you need to think of these three things to make it a successful shoot!

  1. Accessibility. Road closures happen all over the Canadian Rockies because of avalanches, plow trucks not being able to access them and in some cases extreme ice conditions. So do your research on what challenges your location might have in the Winter months.
  2. Walking conditions. Before R + A’s sessions below we chatted and made sure to bring spikes for our boots. Luckily it wasn’t too icy and we were able to get down to the falls fairly easily. But you always want to think about footwear and bring spikes for your boots and a change of shoes for when you get to the spot you want to start shooting at.
  3. Temperatures and Wind. Some locations in the Winter are warmer because they get hit by the sun all day so you can definitely take your jacket off during your session. BUT some locations only get a small amount of sun during daylight hours because of how high the mountains are so the location will be cooler and you will need to bundle up more. Also some spots are super windy so they are better choices on a day where it’s not -10!

Would you choose to do your Engagement session during the Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall?

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