Shower Set Boudoir Photography in Calgary.

Steamy Shower set to show off what your momma gave you!

I have been a massively inspired to start offering Shower Set Boudoir Photography. Because I just did a big refresh of my studio and added in an officially Shower set!

The thing I love the most about this Steam Shower Set is that it’s a completely different vibe.

It can be customized so perfectly from topless to in a T-shirt or even a tank top if you don’t want to bare it all.

The ideas and vibe can go in many different directions!

This babe signed a full release and confirmed her consent for me to show her non blurred/censored nipples on my website.

Normally I blur nipples when people sign a full release.

But to understand how stunning the water-droplets look and the way the moody lighting highlights the body with all the steam you really need to see it all! So thank you so much to Dana for her consent!

3 tips for choosing the right outfit or no outfit if you’re going to add on my new Shower Set!

Tip 1

If you’re going with a T-shirt – choose one that is very thin. Almost see through to start!

That way when we spray you down with water it will show everything better than a thick T-shirt would

Tip 2

If you’re going to wear an accessory like the chain bra Dana is wearing below make sure you choose one thats adjustable.

That way we can easily move it around to capture and highlight different areas

Tip 3

If you choose to wear a bra I highly suggest one that when its wet it doesn’t just absorb the water.

(also make sure you’re ok with it getting possibly stained as the water mixture does include baby oil that will be sprayed on you).

Bras or bodysuits that are sheer work best!

If you’re thinking about adding on the Wet set to your Boudoir session make sure to let me know prior.

In addition the wet set takes longer to disinfect and clean between each session so a heads up will always be appreciated!

*Wet set can be added on as a Bonus set only* 

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Hair and Makeup by Eye candi Beauty