Stephanie & Chris – Sophisticated Mountain Wedding at Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge

Mountain Wedding at Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge with a beautiful Ceremony on the Lawn.

It was that time – After parking my bags I was on the road to Stephanie and Chris’ Mountain Wedding at Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge. The sun peaked brightly through the trees on the winding hills; the day was hot and smoky. As I started descending down the mountain roads through the Kootenays on highway 93, I was halfway to Jasper as I sped past a group of moose to my right. As I rolled down the window the sun hit my hand as it cooled down by waving through the wind. In the background the jams were on repeat.

Before I knew it I was arriving at the lodge and unpacking quickly before a serious scouting adventure. The storm was rolling into the sky full of smoke from the forest fires in BC. I knew I didn’t have long to find the perfect spots for Steph and Chris.

Muddy slippery slopes!

Even though I had checked out several spots I decided I must check out a canyon that is a 4+ hour hike down a soon-to-be muddy slippery slope that once was a path. I found what was going to become the setting for some of the most stunning moments these quirky fun-loving people were going to embrace.

Little did I know, the path – now basically a swamp – was about to kick my ass. I held my umbrella above my head and scaled the hilly terrain. Crash! I fell straight on my ass in the most unladylike way (so happy no passersby saw this!)

Covered in mud, I got my bearings together and crossed my fingers that the hot sun of the morning would dry the path before Steph brought her white dress down the pathway.

In a slight panic I decided to get up early and hit one more location before meeting Steph and Chris for their getting ready time. As I walked up the stairs to a lookout, I knew the canyon was going to be better suited to the vision for the day.

Arriving to see the bride!

Arriving to see Steph in a cute onesie was more than inviting. It energized me for how amazing these people are.

Her dad hung out with me and basically scaled a wall to hang her dress in the perfect spot for me. As we chatted I shot her details and then was surprised by their cat who was just chilling in the bedroom at the cabin.

Before I knew it we were walking down the winding path to Chris waiting in the forest for their first look. As she walked to him he started to crack a smile and was beyond adorbs as he turned to her excitement. These two. I tell you!

We all hopped in my car and headed to the canyon – after a wrong turn we ended up in the right spot and started shooting. As I suggested, they went to stand beside the canyon where the humidity was rising up from the falls. At this time, Chris decided to let me know that he’s deathly afraid of heights. But anything for the photos… these two did it all.

No one was hurt, people! Sigh of relief!

After couples Photos.

As we headed back to Jasper Park Lodge I caught a glimpse of their smiles in my rear view mirror and instantly shared in their excitement. Nothing is more warm and gooey than the warmth you feel from two people on their wedding day.

In addition they did something a little different – forgoing a wedding party because – let’s be honest – these two have quite a grouping of besties, they decided to show up to the cabin their friends were chilling in for a champs toast.

A shake of the bottle and a pop – glasses were filled and quickly drunken as they headed to meet their family before the ceremony.

Steph and Chris’ friend married them in the most heartfelt ceremony with lots of tears and laughter.

The evening was beyond beautiful and full of love. Of course when I say full of love I mean I basically cried several times. Thank god there were duelling pianos after the most energetic first dance ever!

Everyone sang and danced and the night was beyond merry!

In conclusion

Happy day-o-love to Steph and Chris! This wild ride was so amazing and I am sorry your blog post is so long but I just couldn’t help myself!