The Best Boudoir Photography props.

Five of my favourite props for Boudoir sessions

So you’re thinking about what are the best boudoir photography props you can bring to your Calgary Boudoir Photo shoot for extra drama? Well Get ready to read this list of my five favourite boudoir photography props!
A lot of people cringe when they think of their clients bringing props to their sessions. This girl sure doesn’t. But in saying that it definitely depends on the kind of props.
Generally speaking in the world of boudoir photographers and boudoir photography even intimate portraiture sometimes less is more.
But sometimes more is more!
Here are a few props that don’t hit my cring list from a recent session you should consider bringing to your Boudoir session in my Calgary Boudoir Studio!

1) Masks!

This bunny mask was a vision I’ve had for a while that I finally executed last month. From trial and error to this masterpiece, masks are now one of my official favourite props people should bring!
Why? It gives a spicy vibe. Makes you wonder who’s behind that mask and shows off a lot of energy!!

2) Gloves

Both faux leather or tulle gloves give off an extra spiciness to photos. It gives more options for posing as well. You can pretend to bite them off or even just add an additional flare to hiding different areas of your body.

3) Riding crops and Whips

Okay if you had asked me a few years ago to bring these I would probably have blushed and said no. Now I am definitely seeing things differently! They are a perfect prop for playful poses and feeling ultra sexy! After all, aren’t we all here to feel empowered and sexy and different than our everyday life! Plus everything is always photographed tastefully with Boudoir photography! So I think it’s a perfect addition to any session!

4) Pasties!! Nipple Pasties for the win!

I love pasties! They come in so many different shapes, sizes and colours. I’ve had people bring X or sequin ones that were heart shaped and these gold ones are absolutely perfect to die in the chains on the garter belt and the gold on the mask!

5) A spray bottle!

I already have one at my studio that I use for adding little droplets of water on the skin and always use in the shower wet set! But this is a prop you wouldn’t normally think of. Just something to add additional texture to your skin and bring a different mood to your images!

Why should I choose Sarah Pukin Photography as my Calgary Boudoir Photographer?

Outfits and props are not the only thing that makes a Boudoir session an amazing experience. It has a lot to do with choosing a photographer whose style you love and resonate with. Someone whose style you want to see yourself in!

Here at my Calgary Boudoir Photography Studio no session is ever the same. All photo shoots are based on your comfort level and wishes. Some wish to be more spicy and some want their sessions to be more romantic, whimsical, modern or simplistic. The joy of having several sets at my studio is that we customize your experience to your exact needs!

I have an unparalleled luxury experience that all my past clients rave about! If you would like to find more about doing a Boudoir Photo Shoot please reach out here!


Bodysuit from Thistle and Spire, Gloves in Client Closet, Chain Booty Belt in Client Closet, Pink Body Suit from For love and lemons (also in client closet).