Wedding Experience Video

January 28, 2015

A month back I blogged teasers from a video shoot I had done to show how carefree the experience is to be photographed by me. I wanted to share my feelings on shooting one of the most romantic parts of the day, as well as share a little bit about myself.

I can’t even start to explain how much I love what Maximillian did with the video. He’s so incredibly talented and captured the behind the scenes of the shoot in such a vintage unique way. I love the gritty effect that he created – it showed the experience without glamourizing it in an artificial way. It is real and shows exactly how much fun my couples have being photographed and how seriously concentrated I get when I’m composing my images. (smiles)

It’s also a really good visual explanation of how I get my couples to be themselves in their photo’s. This is something I really have worked on during my whole career. How I encourage my clients to just relax and enjoy the experience.

Distance and Ashya were so amazing and I loved shooting them. Thanks to everyone involved! Also I love Ashyas’ Dress from Novia Mia Bridal in Calgary. She looks super stunning!


Calgary Wedding Photographer from Sarah Pukin on Vimeo.

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