moraine lake engagement photos with sarah pukin phoography.

Planning the perfect engagement outfits – made easy!

Lost on what to wear for your engagement photos? Here are a few tips on helping you choose the best outfits to wear based on location and vibe (add personal style to these ideas!).

johnson's canyon engagement photos near banff, albera.

My favorite part of photographing engagement sessions is seeing my couples unique style. Everyone is different and it is super important to bring your personal style to your photo shoot. Why? Don’t you want to look and feel like yourself when you see the photos? The way you move in a flowing dress verses some ripped up jeans and a denim jacket is going to be completely different. Him in chinos and a basic t verses dress pants and a button up will mix up the vibe.

The more thought you give your outfit selections the more unique your photos will come across as well.

Calgary urban downtown Engagement Photography.

Above // Playing up the red in her kick ass Led Zepplin t shirt with the red walls and her flowing red locks ties this sweet moment together perfectly. Without knowing it your eyes are like “holy wow that’s sweet”. Also the urban vibe is perfectly complimented with their casual style.

drumheller adventure session with engagement photographer sarah pukin.

A few things to consider when you’re starting to choose what to wear. Will you be on uneven terrain or will you be HOT? Comfort level is important when you are out for your engagement photos. I ask my couples to climb, sit down, get into tight areas on occasion. Now if you’re adventurous you can kick off those sandals and climb up the rocky shores along the lake just fine but if you’re more street style that might not be comfortable for you so you might want to wear footwear more suited to that.

forest engagement photos in lake louise alberta.


If it’s midsummer and the sun it out you’re going to sweat. Choose colors that help conceal your sweaty pits ladies, dresses are amazing for keeping them legs nice and cool. If it’s chilly out cute jackets that are softer, easier to move in are best especially if they have cute details!

Above // Mid engagement shoot it started to rain and luckily Cheryl had a softer style denim shirt over her t and wade had a deep jewel tone baseball t. They pop out from the deep green trees and moss perfectly.

Downtown Calgary Engagement Photos - urban.
vegas engagement photos at red rock canyon
couple in vegas under a rainbow

Above // I love clean white t’s they are perfect for layering. Layers give outfits more of a causal vibe.

4 Things that don’t photograph nicely!

Four things I personal don’t think photograph nicely and ask my couples to stay away from are:

neon (I despise neon tones for anything but music festivals – time and place for these over bearing brights!).

Tight patterns – it’s like looking at an eye puzzle – the camera is amazing and picks up detail but those kind of details always detract from moments.

Stiff clothing – I love pieces that move and don’t wrinkle easily. If your clothes are too tight when you wrap your arms around each other you might look like the hulk busting through the arms of your shirt! Instead go for something with a little flex and stretch in it.

Bright Red/Orange! Yup red is one of those colours that casts onto skin like nobodies business so unless you have found the perfect red (deeper is always better) then for the purpose of engagement photos, maybe just skip it! After all no one wants their neck or partners face looking angry!

Urban Engagement Photos in calgary.

Colors that are the bomb!

Colors that are the bomb! Jewel tones are always amazing, bold patterns, blues, deep greens, the tone of your clothes should stand out a bit and not blend into the background of the location.

drumheller engagement photos - her dress is flowing in the wind

Complimenting the scenery.

Complimenting the scenery. If we are going to shoot outside of say an old building, maybe for this purpose it’s sandstone, you wouldn’t want to wear beige. Why? Because the contrast wouldn’t be there, you would blend into the background. Instead wear something that will bring you out and make a complimenting contrast like these babes!

shes wearing a red dress and hes in a blue button up for their engagement photos
Romantic same sex couple cuddling in Inglewood for their Engagement photos in Calgary.

Still stuck?

If you’re still stuck for clothing ideas for your engagement photos I have a Pinterest board that I pin outfit inspiration ideas to! Check it out here.

Emerald Lake Lodge Engagement Photographer - cute couple with amazing style by emerald lake.

Quick list of suggestions to round out your outfits and put the look all together

  1. Accessories – simple is best 
  2. Do your hair and makeup trial with your hair and makeup person for your wedding – making sure your foundation and overall look will photograph perfectly will help settle any stress you have about it prior to the day! 
  3. Get your nails done! Your hands will be in a lot of photos (same goes for you gentleman) so if your nails are looking a little less cute I suggest getting them done! 
  4. Eat a quick snack before your shoot – nothing heavy have something to give you an energy boost (don’t eat anything that will dye your tongue or teeth a funky colour).
  5. Wear cool socks – nothing more weird than wearing white socks with black shoes. 
  6. Don’t over hairspray your hair! I love flowing hair! Bring a hair tie if you want to make a top knot half way through your shoot! If you’re doing a braid make sure it’s loose and wispy so it has a romantic vibe! 
  7. Don’t match each other! Just compliment. 
  8. Remember to bring extra make up for touch ups but keep it light! Depending where we go you won’t be bringing your purse or a bag so make sure it’s something tiny and easy to conceal! 
  9. Don’t think of this as a photo shoot think of these photos as a date! Be extra romantic and get excited to share the experience together. 
Engagement Photos at Big Hill Springs Alberta - couple cuddling in the rain.

*bonus a few Tips and tricks for the best photo shoot with your partner!

Be flirty!

Be touchy.

Keep things soft and sweet and romantic as heck!

Get ready to kiss her forehead, grab his bum, hold hands, twirl her, whisper jokes into each others ears, smooch

Couple playing in the lake at lake louise, alberta.
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