1. What was your favourite part of your boudoir experience?
      Is everything an acceptable answer? LOL If I had to pick one, it is how welcoming, relaxed, comfortable, and confident you made me felt throughout the whole shoot! A very close second was seeing the photos for the first time! Major confidence and badass vibe boost!!
2. Why did you decide to do a boudoir session?
      One day I just thought to myself, why not? I am single and wanted to do something completely for myself. I also want to have proof to pull out when I am old and show everyone how hot I was when I was younger! 😉 lol
3. Have you ever done a boudoir session before?
      Never! But this will definitely not be my last!
4. What was your favourite outfit choice and why?!
      The black one hands down, especially with the vintage red and black set, I loved it so much! Having straps to play with really added the sexiness to those photos!
5. Why did you choose me to shoot your boudoir session?
      I started looking through Instagram and came across your boudoir page. I spent time looking through photos and really liked your style and the sets, also reading people’s comments and watching the reaction videos to people’s books showed how much time and effort you put into your work. Overall, you seemed like a laid-back person who wanted to help women celebrate their bodies and make them feel comfortable which was important to me as it was my first boudoir shoot!
6. If you could give anyone advice on why they should do a boudoir session (with me) what would it be?
      Like I said before, you are so welcoming and made me feel comfortable and confident the entire time I was there. Plus, the absolute thrill of getting to see the photos of yourself looking hot and sexy is such a confidence boost and you feel like you can take on the world!

7. Review – if you have anything you would like to say I would love the feedback and to share your testimonial 🙂

     I 100% encourage everyone to book a boudoir shoot with Sarah! The empowering feeling you get from them is the best feeling in the world and you deserve to spend the money on yourself. As women we go through so much in life and why not have a physical reminder of just what a badass goddess you are?! Sarah was truly incredible at making me feel comfortable and confident             throughout the whole shoot, with lots of laughter and getting to know who you are, it was a great time! Believe it when she says it is a workout throughout the shoot, but know it is so worth it when you get to see the photos! Then comes the hard part trying to narrow down your favorites! I am so excited to get me finished book and will definitely be booking another shoot in the future with her!