Erin & Adam – Engaged!

June 17, 2010

I am super stoked to be able to blog Erin & Adams engagement session. Back when Calgary had tremendous amount of snow and a frozen lakes the three of us went out to make some wicked memories and snap some fab images. Erin & Adam were totally wicked to shoot. I love shooting couples that are not afraid to be themselves in-front of my camera. Needless to say I think the images speak for them selves. Adam is a total gentleman & Erin is one hell of a amazing chic! Erin co-owns a wicked company called Creative Legends Inc. I urge everyone to check it out! And Adam has one of the most intriguing jobs I’ve ever heard of. He literally moves entire buildings. I ain’t talking the insides I’m talking the whole structure!!!! I cant wait to shoot their wedding this year & get to know them even more… Check out their engagement session and get to know Adam and Erin a little!


How they Erin & Adam met. We first met in grade 6 when we both moved to Calgary, Erin from Edson, Adam from Halifax. Our second meeting occurred 8 years after high school, in a pub that neither of us wanted to go to.

Love at first site? No, not at first sight, but little did we know that Adam would have a huge crush on Erin starting in Junior High. Ten years after high school, when we coincidentally ‘re-met’ –  YES!

How did the engagement go down, who asked who (little story)? The first two years of dating, we would grab Tim Hortons coffees and teas and head to our favorite bench overlooking the city and spend hours getting to know each other, it has become ‘our bench’. On a Sunday morning, we headed out from our house together, picked up teas and coffees, and headed to ‘our bench’. Adam got down on one knee and popped the question! Erin punched him, burst into tears, called Adam a  ‘little s*#t’, and said YES!

You guys Love to: Work on our house together, walk our dog, drive, camp, pretty much anything together!

What Erin Loves about Adam: I love Adams smile – and everything he says without saying a word. His kindness, generosity, spontaneity and support all shine through his eyes, his big hugs, goofiness and unconditional love. I wouldn’t change a thing.

What Adam Loves about Erin: I love Erin’s eye’s. They are a window directly to her core. Through those windows shines the brightest love and tenderness anyone could ask for.

If you guys describe each other in one word what would it be? Freaker

The one thing you guys cant wait to do at your wedding: Exchange the rings and party!

One place in the world we just have to go to together: We have to go to the East coast together, preferably a road trip on motorcycles!

What about Erin makes you smile? Everything about Erin makes me smile. Specifically the way she looks at me when I say to her “we should go to BestBuy to look at this thing”, and she smiles at me because she knows that I really mean, “lets go to BestBuy to BUY this thing”. I have never met someone who makes me smile as much as Erin.

What was your favorite thing about your engagement session? Sarah was a pleasure to work with. She had absolutely no expectations for us, which allowed us to be ourselves, and it showed in every single shot!

Favorite drink: Tim Hortons Coffees and Teas, and/or rye and coke!

Our perfect date is: Our driving dates, where we jump in the truck, pick a direction, and try to find the least traveled roads in Alberta. All with Tim Horton’s coffee’s and tea’s.

What about Adam makes you smile? When Adam is excited about anything, he squints his eyes and gets this huge smile on his face, and squeezes his shoulders together like he’s up to no good, it totally reminds me that within this gorgeous man in front of me, there always remains a boy!

How did you know he/she was the one? Knowing that you have found the one is not something you can quantify. It’s feeling like time is racing along and stopped, like you have super human strength and are so weak you can barely stand, and like standing at the edge of the world, knowing that if you jumped off the edge you could fly, all at the same time. -Adam. Well, after what Adam wrote, with a tear in my eye, I would say yes to the above! AND after spending 14 hours together on a first date and not hating each other – we knew!  – Erin



We recommend Sarah to anyone needing a photographer. She will take the time to get to know you, so she can capture the true spirit of a person, a couple, and a relationship on film. She is as professional as she is easy-going. Her approach to our engagement session was relaxed, and a fun time was had by all.




Beautiful photo’s Sarah. Looks like lots of fun, so carefree and just the cutest couple :o)

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