Romantic Crescent Falls Engagement Photos – Sarah Pukin

May 25, 2020

Jazmin and Andres Romantic Crescent Falls Engagement Photos.

Romantic Crescent Falls Engagement Photos by Sarah Pukin Photography
Romantic Crescent Falls Engagement Photos by Sarah Pukin Photography

Are you adventurous and love waterfalls? well, get ready to be inspired by these Romantic Crescent Falls Engagement Photos! The day might have started off a little gloomy, but we found the correct entrance to the falls, we hiked along the cliffside and found a guide rope to help us down the side of the mountain. Once we hiked down the falls it was absolutely perfect.

Packing your outfits.

The sun was just warm enough to keep Jazmin’s legs from freezing beside the spray from the waterfalls. She being the smart cookie she is packed her stunning dress she got on Etsy into her backpack. Then she changed once we found ourselves in a little secluded area by the falls.

Small Town nearby.

Luckily before we met at Crescent Falls for the Engagement photo’s I had arrived a few hours earlier than them and went exploring at a town nearby. I LOVE abandoned buildings and finding hidden gems. A short drive away is a little town. During my exploration I found an amazing old retired train bridge and man was it stunning.

Not only were we able to shoot underneath of it but also we found a small path that took us to the top. We carefully walked along it and enjoyed the view. I booked it down to the bottom and found a perfect spot where I could see them through the trees.

The day was perfect.

After such an amazing day adventuring around Crescent Falls and Nordegg AB we headed out back to Calgary and I couldn’t be more excited about how much fun and memorable their session was! I absolutely love days where I find new locations and get to know new people. Also I decided to make a few GIFs from their session because her dress was absolutely perfect for how windy it was beside the falls!

What do you think was the best part of their Romantic Crescent Falls Engagement Photos?? Comment down below!

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From The Cute Couple!

What was your favorite part of your session

Getting to explore around Crescent Falls and Nordegg, climbing down a rope to get to the foot of the falls was wild!

What is your engagement story??? Give me the deets!

We both love the mountains and it’s been one of our happy places amidst all the big changes in our lives. We were staying in Kananaskis for a weekend getaway and Andres asked if I’d like to go on a small hike around the hotel.

He didn’t know the area very well and wanted a trail that had a great view, but as we kept hiking we walked deeper and deeper into the forest.

We got to a crossroad in the path and he realized there was no way a viewpoint was coming up, so he decided it was now or never! He got down on one knee and proposed and it was still perfect.

If you were a dinosaur what one would you be and why?

Bronchosaurus – I’m tall and I love veggies!

What was your favorite part of your shoot?

There was so much creativity and willingness to try new things, it brought a lot of fun to the shoot!

Why they choose me to shoot their session?

We loved the way you were able to tie in the beauty of nature, and the Rockies while still capturing those intimate moments between couples.

Kind Words

We chose Sarah because we wanted someone who had experience taking photos of couples in the Rockies! Not everyone can strike a good balance between focusing on the couple and the mountains but it was clear from Sarah’s body of work she knew how to do that.

She is very adventurous and creative, we loved our engagement photos we took in Jasper Park and can’t wait for our wedding photos!

Where did you get your outfits and what brands are they?

Etsy store Megayabali  – she custom made my wrap dress and had lots of great colours to choose from!

Simons – Andres’ outfit

What are you most excited about for your Wedding?

We have lots of friends and family from the US. So we’re excited to show them that Canada isn’t just igloos and polar bears!

How did you meet?? Who asked who out??

We met in dental school in New York City! Our class was having a soccer event at Central Park and both of us showed up. We became study buddies and walked to the library together, staying up till the wee hours.

After our first midterms were over Andres asked if I’d like to hang out somewhere other than the library. Funny enough he took me to Central Park and we made dinner together. We’ve been together ever since!



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