Sexy beautiful photoshoots in Calgary

I am so excited to be booking more Sexy beautiful photoshoots in Calgary. This pandemic has halted my creative juices from flowing out my fingertips and empowering you beautiful women.

I seriously can’t wait to create again and shoot more sexy beautiful photoshoots.

Are you ready to plan for your session yet?

The sun has finally come out and the grass is slowly turning green. I’ve officially done one DIY project to help me with my thoughts and get my head out of the worry clouds.

I am planning on doing a virtual boudoir session tomorrow with a past boudoir babe and depending on how it goes I might also be offering virtual Sexy beautiful photoshoots to anyone else who needs a little pick me up (while we wait to find out when we can start shooting indoor sessions again and when my wonderful makeup artists can safely and legally operate again!).

Now to chat about doing a Boudoir session

Maybe you have been following me for a while, maybe you just found me. Hey girl hey! My passion (Boudoir) is basically Sexy beautiful photoshoots in Calgary at my studio, sometimes on a mountain. Both are pretty stellar.

What happens at a boudoir photoshoot you might ask?

Well, girl let me tell you. You find outfits that you feel like a babe in – it could be a cut-up t-shirt, a full ensemble with guarantee, and all or even just a sweater and some cute undies. Really these days it can be anything you feel sexy in.

Then you check out a bunch of inspiration for your hair and makeup look that will match with your timeless and empowering vibe. My incredibly talented ladies (only professionals who are licensed to do hair and makeup) glam you up and then you are ready for your Sexy beautiful photoshoot.

We check out your outfits and chat about if you want to go full topless or not (Always your choice) and we get to shooting.

I will direct you through everything.

Arm there, leg over there, chin up – more to the left. Hair here – breath. Look there. You get the gist. I also should point out the only thing I ever touch is your hair – I always ask you first and if you prefer to move it yourself you go girl. I will never be offended – no one has ever minded but I always like to ease those “what ifs” about boudoir photoshoots.

Now what happens – we took all Sexy beautiful photos and you’re feeling like a boss babe.

We check out albums, prints, and canvases and those super-cool metal prints. You choose your options and then a short while later you get your proofs.

What is a proof?

Proofs are low-quality jpeg of your images that haven’t been edited yet. There is a big difference between a proof and a final edited image. They are low quality so you can quickly look through all of the images that were taken on your photoshoot and make your selections that correspond with your Boudoir experience you have chosen ahead of time.

After you make your image selections my hands get to work – I retouch and edit your images in a very natural and real way. No you’re not going to look like plastic and yes you are going to look like you. I remove, when I am able to, things like bruises or cuts – those things that aren’t normally on you.

After your edits are all done I make album proofs (When you pre-order your album) Generally 9 out of 10 ladies end up ordering an album. But honestly its more than that usually. Last year I think I only had 2 girls not order albums and one of them did prints instead!

Then there you have it – a freaking amazing Sexy beautiful photoshoots in Calgary with me, a wonderful fun experience, the feeling of empowerment, and honoring your body with such an amazing memory you can be proud of and enjoy for years to come. Perhaps even share it with someone you care about!

If you made it here I would love for you to check out this amazing Boudoir session below I did a few months ago! I even made a GIF from some of the images!


Also right now I am taking Boudoir bookings with the stipulation that you will have no penalties if we need to move your session back due to COVID – I am following all guidelines and so are my makeup and hair artists!

If you would like to book a session for June and on please reach out and we can chat about full details and get you booked in – we will also cross our fingers that your schedule will go ahead as planned and not stress if we have to push your session back a month or two so we can stay safe!

Contact me here to book your Sexy beautiful photoshoot in Calgary with me!

Her Outfits:

Black and nude bra and high-waisted undies are from Victorias secret x For love and Lemons collaboration.

Rose Bud bra and panties are from Victorias secret x For love and Lemons collaboration.

I also found a few outfits that are similar to hers online by for love and lemons: Outfit 1, Outfit 2, Outfit 3,

Her AMAZING hat was made here in Calgary at Smithbilt Hats Inc in Inglewood.

I also found a few hat options I love in all different price ranges on amazon: Hat 1, Hat 2, Hat 3 (I LOVE this one so much), Hat 4, Hat 5 (If you love pink this one is a MUST!)

Words from this empowered woman!

1. What was your favorite part of your boudoir session

My favourite part. Hard to choose! The entire experience was so much fun, from choosing my outfits, getting my makeup done, and the shoot in every outfit! But my favourite part had to be getting the email with the link to the photos. It was such an empowering moment to look through the photos and feel so beautiful, so sexy and so proud of myself. A wonderful feeling. Highly recommend.

2. Why did you decide to do a boudoir session

Originally, I chose to do a boudoir session as a gift for someone else. After the experience and seeing the photos, I recommend every women do this for herself. We all know how easy it is to pick on ourselves and our bodies, but this experience felt so incredible to see the photos and feel so proud of my body. Every time I look at them I feel so sexy and thankful for my body and all it’s “flaws”. The gift to someone else just a bonus!

3. Have you ever done a boudoir session before.

This was my first.

4. What was your favorite outfit choice and why?!

I brought a lot of variety! And that was my favourite part! Looking back through the photos it’s so hard to choose because each outfit shows me in a different way.

5. Why did you choose me (Sarah) to shoot your boudoir session

A friend of mine had just gotten married and her photos were stunning. When I looked into who did the photos, I saw it was Sarah. I just loved the colour, the style and the natural feel of Sarah’s work. So when I decided to do a boudoir session, it was a no brainer!