Suzanne & Nate – Wedding

May 8, 2009

Suzanne & Nate’s special day was amazing. Full of laughing, kissing, the slow moments where their eyes connect, and lets not forget the tears of pure happiness.

I had the wonderful pleasure of photographing these two as they played and giggled. All moments were truly magical between these two. I always get the feeling of excitement when you see a couple who are totally right for one another. Suzanne and Nate are so special to have found one another.

There story began when they were small children. Suzanne’s family was close with Nate’s, they grew up playing in the sand and climbing trees with each other. After Suzanne moved away to Hawaii, Nate found himself missing the casual hang outs and the sound of Suzanne’s laugh. After Suzanne returned from her adventure of two years in Hawaii, Nate decided that this was his chance. After going on a casual coffee meet up Nate asked Suzanne to accompany him to the park, they strolled through the park laughing and enjoying each others words. They decided to sit by the river and watch the water flow by, Nate took it upon himself to make a bold and daring move. As he looked over his eyes caught hers and from that moment it was history.

Here is Suzanne & Nate’s Wedding slide show.

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