Detail Love

March 17, 2009

So over the years of shooting Weddings, Engagements, & Fashion I always find beautiful Details.

I thought it would be nice to post some of my recent favorite details. I think details are what makes life great.

In weddings I always love to see how beautiful people make beautiful decisions. From the smallest of details like putting coloured pin heads in a bouquet to the choice of dress they wear on their big day.

Here are a few details for your eyes to enjoy.

White Roses with Blue accent to match the wedding colours.

Little white bow to match the brides dress – accented with pink to match the bridesmaid dresses.

The top tear on the cake matched the Brides bouquet ribbon. I especially love the detail around the top.

The Made of honor Was fixing the bottom of a brides made dress. She made she the brides day was super special.

Table cards & Thank you cards always make a stunning touch.

This couple brought their Cake topper back from Disney Land. It made a beautiful touch to the top of their cake.

In between the Ceremony and the Reception the guests where delighted to find a room full of snacks and chopsticks to use to eat the goodies.

Table cards with little gems laid upon the tables – waiting for the guests to find their seat.

Laughter is the best Detail in any wedding. Something unplanned but so beautiful to see.

The accessories are always so fashionable and modern.

Make up is a beautiful touch to any occasion.

This Bride wanted to remember how her stagette t-shirt matched her details on her wedding dress.

The lace on her dress was absolutely stunning.

Oh the shoes. So important.

More beautiful flowers.

Table decor :)

These Blooming Jasmine Green Tea balls are a sweat way to thank everyone for coming.

Jeff & Vanessa had custom magnets made for their guests & chocolates with a photo of them from high school on the package.

Garden weddings are always a blast. Dale & Liz has a romantic wedding with the most important people in their life attending.

Chocolate Fondue (my personal favorite).

Cupcakes mmm so yummy and delicious.

Cupcake set up. I love how the light is reflecting off the glass container.

The Brides wedge head shoes. (great idea for backyard weddings – your heal wont sink into the grass).

I just loved this ring shot. I always take photos of the rings – they are one of the most important symbol of the couples vows to each other.


Different angles of the rings.

Hope you enjoyed looking at some of my favorite detail shots. There are so many so I couldn’t blog them all but I think i did a good job on posting some of my favorites. Have a great Tuesday!

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