Eloping but still want Modern Wedding Invitations

January 29, 2021


Eloping but still want Modern Wedding Invitations?

If you’re like a lot of couples who planned bigger weddings for 2021 and were hit with the ups and downs of restrictions and uncertainties you made the tough decision to switch from a big wedding down to an intimate wedding or elopements you don’t need to miss out on beautiful stationary.

Luckily you can check out online wedding invites and find some really amazing options for lower quantities.

Did your date change or you still love the little details?

This summer with all the changes for dates, times and even locations I found my couples who still love the little details needed something customized but fast. They didn’t want to miss out on the feeling of having a wedding and making their day special.

Therefore they, like all of us started with googling – most found that the minimum orders were 50 or 100. This can be frustrating but let me tell you if you’re looking for more modern wedding invitations I have the place for you. (Since most online places are very generic or dated and you can end up down a rabbit hole googling for hours and ending up on a tutorial on how to cook gourmet cat treats for a cat you don’t even have).

I am going to make this simple! Head over to Basic Invites. One of the best resources online for Online Wedding invites.

Online Wedding Invites

Why? Well let me tell ya! You can order quantities of some items as low as 1! yes that’s right. If you only want to get one copy of an invite you can!

Now your intimate wedding in the middle of a forest at the edge of a waterfall can have a beautiful invite to go along with it for your guests. Also the turnaround time is so speedy you can wait until you know exactly what your plan is going to be before ordering.

If your like me and you love to see the finished product before you order a bunch of them you can also order custom samples so make sure it’s exactly how you want it to be before you submit your full order!

Bonus – Endless customizations!

Bonus they have unlimited colours, over 40 different colours of envelopes and more than 900 wedding invitation sets. They also have a bunch of other items to compliment your stationary like custom menus, programs, thank you cards, direction cards, and my favourite they have a chic clear line of cards!

They sent me a few samples so clearly after my binge watching of bridgeton a few weeks ago I made a clear invite for Daphne and Simon.

Hope you enjoy the examples of how stunning the invites look!

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