Krista & Travis – Romantic Priddis Greens Golf Club Wedding.

March 25, 2018

priddis greens golf club wedding

Krista & Travis – Romantic Priddis Greens Golf Club Wedding.

The morning of Krista & Travis’s Romantic Priddis Greens Golf Club Wedding was nothing but the perfect start to a wedding day. As the wind blew a warm July breeze I hung Krista’s dress in her childhood backyard. The leaves fluttered as the sun peaked through the clouds.

The girls sipped champagne and waited patiently as Krista’s mom and sister helped her step into her dress. The laughter of bra removal was such a cute moment I just had to capture it. As Krista’s mom and sister shared advice with her to remember throughout her wedding day, the girls rounded up a few bits and bobs and before we knew it it was time to head over to Krista’s dads house to show him his baby girl on her wedding day.

The tears of joy and love rolled down his cheeks as they all hugged. Krista called to her pooch, who was eagerly awaiting her attention, before a champagne toast and then the girls were off to meet the guys.

Travis waited along the steps at Azuridge estate hotel for his bride. Krista slowly walked to him, tapping him on the shoulder, and boy – the joy from both of them was abundant. Their first look was sweet and full of love with a few tears of joy.

They quickly greeted the wedding party before we ventured around the estates property for their couples photos. After a little while the wedding party, full of their closest friends and family, joined us for another champagne toast and a few wedding party shots before it was time to head to Priddis Greens Golf Club for their ceremony.

There wasn’t a cloud in the sky as these two held hands and uttered sweet words to one another overlooking the valley. Their ceremony had a sand & rock ceremony that was way too cute – their tribe walked up and put rocks into a vase symbolically giving their support and love to Krista and Travis.

As the couple entered their gorgeously adorned reception room their family members MC’d their reception sharing stories and jokes – these two should seriously consider being professional MC’s. The night was topped off with an impromptu magic table and little children running up and down the hill under the star studded sky.

Congratulations Krista & Travis. Your day was simply beautiful to be a part of and your love is something to strive for. I am so happy to have met you both and to have been able to document your day-o-love just the way it should have been!

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Amazing people who made their day super special!

Brides dress designer //  Sonia’s Bridal
Bridesmaid Dresses// David’s Bridal
Nails // Distilled Beauty Bar
Hair Stylist // Stylemakers in Oakridge
Make-up Artists //Avenue Beauty
Groom Suit / Tux // Black & Lee
Cufflinks // Black & Lee
Tie // Black & Lee
Wedding Rings+Bands // Breslauer & Warren
Ceremony + Reception Location // Priddis Greens Golf & Country Club
JP // Pat LaTouche
DJ // Split Circuit Sound
Florist // Gypsy Rose Florist
Limo // Limo – Quest Limos



From the Bride & Groom:

Wedding theme and colours // Navy blue, grey & white with peach accents. We felt these colors were classic and would look beautiful with the greenery in the summertime at Priddis Greens. Everyone looks great in navy and the bridesmaids were gorgeous in their dresses. The navy blue went very well with the classic grey suits for the guys and having some peach roses brightened everything up beautifully. My dress was ivory and a little vintage-looking so we wanted elegant colours for sure and these fit the bill.
Vibe // Rustic but elegant. We knew it would be formal having the reception at Priddis already, so we added in some rustic elements to make it a bit more laid back than was likely expected. These included tree cookie & mason jar centerpieces, baby’s breath & peach rose flowers, big jars for date ideas & marriage advice from the guests, homemade signs (chalkboard & painted) and flower pots.

Top 3 best moments //
1. Whole Ceremony – it was so meaningful to us and standing in front of our friends and family knowing they fully support us was very special. We waited to become ‘officially’ married for a long time so it was a big deal for everyone. We had a special rock ceremony which involved our parents and siblings and this was something we planned ourselves that ended up being extremely special – more so than we had anticipated. I remember seeing each of our family member’s faces as they gave us their rocks and it was a moment with each of them that we will never forget.

2. First Look – it was such a special moment for us to see each other for the first time on our wedding day! We were so happy Sarah suggested doing a first look because it was a private moment we got to have with one another on our wedding day, yet Sarah and her assistant captured it for us so we’ll be able to see it for the rest of our lives as we look back. It was a time that I remember realizing how fortunate we are and how excited we were to be getting married in a few hours!

3. Walking down the aisle – I will never forget walking down the aisle with my Dad and feeling so incredibly lucky. I remember not knowing where to look. I am a shy person and don’t like being the center of attention, so it was quite overwhelming yet beautiful at the same time. I felt so emotional to see Travis waiting for me and all of our favorite people in the world there with us, and my Dad by my side. I felt like such a lucky girl and it was surreal our wedding was happening.

Wedding song // Brad Paisley, ‘Today’ – we love country music and felt the words in this song really represented how we would feel as we danced on our wedding night – ‘the memory of a day like today, can get you through the rest of your life’ – so true as we will never forget it and will always look back and remember our wedding and first dance fondly.



How they meet // We met at a country bar in Edmonton called Oil City Roadhouse! I was out on a girls night with friends (we had planned not to meet any guys that night) when Travis and his friends, who were on a pub-crawl the same evening had stopped at Oil City Roadhouse. When they walked by, Travis caught my attention immediately and I felt this urge to meet him. I didn’t though (tried to stay true to girls night!) but later in the evening I was beyond thrilled when he came and asked me to dance. The rest is history, I knew he was my guy right away. We were lucky because Travis ended up missing his pub-crawl bus and that’s why he and his friends ended up staying and he asked me to dance. I think it was fate!

Engagement story // Travis and I had been dating for over 7 years, so I had a feeling he would pop the question fairly soon but I didn’t know when or how. We went to Hawaii in February for my birthday and my friends and I had a hunch he might ask me to marry him there. Well we came home from Hawaii unengaged, my birthday was over and my friends and I were a bit disappointed. I went for lunch with my friends on the Saturday we got back and told them I think Travis needs more space and time before we will be ready to get engaged. I went home after lunch with my friends that day and Travis suggested we take Gator (our dog) for a walk in the park. We went into Fish Creek into a beautiful hidden path and Travis suggested I go down further saying he’ll then let Gator off and he can run off leash. I walked down and turned around and Gator now had a little package tied on his harness and Travis told him to ‘Go see Mom’. Gator came up to me and the package on his harness said “open me”. I opened it and there was a rose and lots of pieces of paper that had really nice words about me on them ‘kind, loving, beautiful….’. Travis had walked down to me now and he took the ring box out of the package, knelt on one knee and asked me to marry him. I cried because I was so surprised and happy!! It was absolutely perfect. Thank goodness Gator didn’t run away with the ring!!

Kind Words from Krista & Travis…

Sarah was so full of energy and extremely passionate about photography and this showed right away when we met her. She is a very detail-oriented person and a perfectionist, always striving to produce the best photos possible. We really appreciated the guidance she gave us along the way as we hadn’t had any photos done before. Our engagement session was great – Sarah captured some really naturally stunning shots of us and the more time we had with her, the more we were able to relax and have fun. She made us feel very comfortable and at ease. The same went for our wedding – we appreciated her feedback on what would be possible for the day (she suggested we cut back the # of family photos and it was a good thing we listened), and it was obvious she wanted to take amazing shots for us (she even brought rubber boots to walk in a stream in case that would be necessary to get them…). We can’t wait to see the wedding collection, thank you Sarah!!

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