Valentines Day is Coming! Book Early.

January 8, 2010

Plan Early for Valentines Day!

Get your partner a Gift Card of a Private Boudoir session for Valentines Day!

Plan early ladies and give your partner an album of beautiful photos of you in your bedroom attire!

Full Female Team!

Photographer = Sarah Pukin

Make up and Hair Stylist = Female

You = Female

What is boudoir?

Stylish and tasteful images that really encompass your innermost personality. Contact for examples!

Who gets boudoir Photography?

Boudoir photography is for someone who is looking to get stylish and tasteful images that really encompass their innermost personality.

Who are they for?

Most women do this type of session for themselves of someone close to them.

What if I’m nervous?

Whether you are doing this for yourself or for someone close to you there is no reason for you to feel uncomfortable. Sarah is extremely professional when i comes to shooting anything. She approaches theses sessions as a woman – she understands you might feel nervous and suggests if you are nervous to come for a consultation to get to know one another and look over examples of her extensive Boudoir portfolio.


Sarah’s approach is to bring you at ease so that she can capture amazing images.

Where does it take place?

Sarah recommends doing boudoir photography in your own home as you know your surroundings and will be comfortable during the session. Studio sessions are also available in Sarah’s studio at no additional charge. (Sarah has a full studio lighting set up complete with numerous props and backdrop options).

Boudoir Packages can be found on Sarah’s website here: Boudoir Photography by Sarah Pukin.

*Please note that all packages include digital files and printing rights*

To view more examples please e-mail or call for a consultation.

When you refer a friend you will receive a complementary 8×12 print from your own session.


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