Avy and Tanner – Emerald Lake Lodge Engagement Photographer

January 7, 2019

Emerald Lake Lodge

Avy and Tanner – Emerald Lake Lodge Engagement Photographer

Emerald Lake Lodge Photographer for intimate moments.

Emerald Lake Lodge is one of my favourite places for adventuring and capturing memories. The lake itself is oh-so-magical and the Lodge couldn’t be any more stunning. The old buildings and cabins have that whole I’m-in-the-middle-of-nature vibe to them, and since there is no cell reception, it’s basically the best place to unwind as well.

In the summer, the lake looks stunning with its bright turquoise blues, and the rocky shoreline is so beyond pretty that when you pop two super in-love humans on it you can basically create magic!

After meeting Avy and Tanner in the parking lot, we wandered around the shoreline before hiking up half the mountain for some quiet moments. But don’t get me wrong here – these two are laughers! I love their dynamic as a couple; it’s super quirky and fun. Also, can we give Avy a high five for climbing up a mountain in heels with bare legs??!!! That dress is stunning and was totally worth the unique navigation of all the brush on the mountain.

Later on, we headed to Emerald Lake Lodge and wandered around the cabins before finding ourselves at the lodge for a few sexy moments on the balcony…rawr!

We decided to head over to the waterfall just down the road (major tourist attraction alert!). I don’t know what screams “wicked photos” more than snuggling and looking super GQ standing right beside a waterfall!

Pretty much the best day ever hanging out with these two and shooting their Engagement session at Emerald Lake Lodge in Field, BC!

Thanks guys for being such wicked humans!

From Avy and Tanner about their engagement session at emerald lake lodge and them!

How did you meet? // Tanner always likes to give people the simple answer of “blind date”… But really, my friend worked with Tanner and wanted to introduce us for a while. The opportunity came up when I went to their work Christmas party, as Tanner’s date! We spent the night chatting for hours, & dancing- it was a perfect way to meet someone!

Engagement story who asked who and how did it go down? // Tanner and I had broken up March 2017, after the break up, I decided to follow a lifelong dream of mine to live in Australia. We ended up getting back together August 2017, but Tanner encouraged me to still follow through with me dream! December 2017 I moved to Sydney, Australia. I guess he didn’t want to lose me again, so he followed me to Australia in February 2018 and proposed to me the first day he got there (after an 18 hour flight, that he had zero sleep on).

The actual spot he proposed at is called The Grounds of Alexandria in Sydney, Australia (go check it out, it’s absolutely stunning). It’s a beautiful lush garden space, that changes seasonally, an adorable café/bakery, restaurant, and a little farm area with a pig named “Kevin Bacon” , all in the heart of an industrial suburb. There was an old International truck with  pumpkins/flowers in the back and a little wooden sign that said “Load up on memories” . After Tanner took a photo of me by the truck, he got down on one knee and said the cheesy line  of “would you like to load up on memories with me, forever”.

What was your favourite thing about one another? //

Avy: As I always tell Tanner, I cannot pick favourites ever, so this is difficult for me, but…one of my favourite things about Tanner would have to be how caring he is. I know he will always be there for me and look after me for the rest of our lives. I know he will be an excellent father for our future children.

Tanner: My favourite thing about Avy would have to be the size of her heart. Myself, family, her patients (the babies), once you earn a room in her heart, you reap the benefits of a companion who will bear the burden of your emotional wellbeing. Avy worries about us all; I believe Avy has realized that the best life we live is the one we have and she wants everyone in her heart to relish that belief.

What was your favourite thing about your engagement shoot? // Having Sarah as our awesome photographer! We love how she is up for adventure and will even climb up half a mountain with us for a good photo.

Why did you feel the location was wicked for your shoot? // Emerald Lake is such a special place for us because we have spent many of our anniversaries there. Summer or winter, that place is just magical! We love to go for walks, snowshoeing, canoeing, and cross country skiing around the lake. So many incredible memories there!

What are you most excited and looking forward to for your wedding day? // Celebrating with all our closest friends and family! There are such few times in life when your closest loved ones are all in the same room, and we can’t wait to celebrate the beginning of our marriage with everyone!

Kind words // “Sarah’s portfolio says it all! She has an eye for capturing beautiful moments. She clearly has a passion for her work she does and it is displayed so well in her artistic approach. We love our engagement session photos and are so excited for Sarah to capture our wedding day! Thank you so much!!” – Avy & Tanner

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