Bright and Bold Calgary Fusion Indian Wedding Part 2

Enchanted Forest Indian Fusion Wedding in Calgary

Nice to have you back to see more of this stunning Calgary Fusion Indian Wedding!

This is part 2 of Sonia and James Calgary Fusion Indian Wedding If you would like to check out Day 1 and 2 here is a link to the blog post!

Day 1 included Sonias Mehndi and Day 2 included their Garba, Baratt, Ceremony and Evening Editorial Photos! Day 3 is all about their Getting Ready Together, Couples Editorial Photos part two and their enchanted forest Reception! Beautiful Florals by Flower Artistry herself! 

Day 3

Couples who get ready together stay together (just kidding it doesn’t matter if you get ready to gather or not). I love that they did though!

They had opted to just do getting ready photos on Day 3. The day of their reception, as we decided to do their couples editorials before the reception started.

This allowed for an easy flow of the schedule with no rushing!

After a busy few days I can imagine they wanted a relaxed flow to this day! After all it was going to be an amazing party!

Editorial moments in the hotel

The room was perfect – it had a mad men vibe to it and cried for an editorial Vogue moment to happen! So that it did!

When I tell you the creative freedom of everything was so appreciated – I got to push the envelope and not worry about playing it safe.

They were totally game and I know you can tell in their photos that everything was perfection!

After we shot in the Hotel we headed down the street to capture a few more moments of them together before heading to the reception.

I love that Evelyn from Evelyn Clark Weddings requested a reaction shot of them seeing their reception for the first time!

Honestly I think my reaction might have been more enthusiastic than theirs and theirs was 10 out of 10 on the enthusiasm scale!

Everyone outdid themselves and worked so hard for the couple and it really showed.

From the smallest details of little tiny paper aeroplane pins to a yummy donut wall to the insane floral installations everywhere. This was going to be a jaw dropping reception and experience for everyone!

Memorable Reception moments

Honestly, I can’t really put into words how many moments during this reception will stay with me throughout the rest of my career. At the time of this Wedding I was a Photographer for 15 years – I felt like I had seen it all but to have as many friends as they do and see the closeness they all have was heartwarming.

Their Parents were all so lovely and Sonias sister was just a gem to chat with.

Speeches, tap dancing, choreographed dances and multiple bands – this reception was everything and more. A true delight to document and witness first hand.

Thank you to Sonia and James for trusting me with such an amazing week of events and being such a pleasure to work with and get to know! Even if it took me almost 4 years to blog it still feels like yesterday!

Now for the photos!!!

Day 3

Getting Ready Together

Couples Editorial Photos


Looking for Vendors who made this amazing Wedding possible? Please scroll to the end of the post to see credits and links to these amazing people!

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