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February 8, 2022

Intimate Portraits in Calgary, a luxury experience for all.

The transformative nature of Intimate portraits in Calgary aka Boudoir is an experience I truly feel is important. One that you should experience at least once in your lifetime.

It’s becoming quite common for most of the women I talk with to say they have been thinking about doing a Boudoir photo shoot, or thinking about Intimate portraits to convey their womanhood for a while.

They feel it will be quite uplifting and empowering. Lastly, that their friends are pushing them to do it.

In saying that, I feel that yes, it will definitely be empowering but how impactful it can be is indescribable.

You can’t really imagine the feeling until you have fully gone through the experience.

Post Photo shoot feelings 

Post photoshoot we sit down at my computer to go through your images and let me tell you – the response every single time is such an honor to witness.

Just a little sappy 

I might be a little sappy but to hear someone keep saying “wow is that me”, or be shocked, even tear up and want to hug me is really amazing for my soul.

Sometimes I find people will book their shoot as a gift for someone else. BUT I honestly don’t think you need to do this for someone else – it’s an unbelievable gift to yourself.

Why I think a luxury experience is necessary for all.

In my experience of shooting people of all different walks of life whose bodies aren’t the same, I can tell you the reason why you put your trust into someone with experience who specializes in Intimate portraits is because your experience needs to be the right one.

One where you leave feeling amazing and feeling a new sense of self.

Past experiences that resonate today.

The other day I was chatting with a past Boudoir Babe – she came to the studio, post a big life changing experience and wanted to honor herself with images that portrayed her as she was just then.

After booking her session she went on the hunt for her outfits to find out that in her words…

“The me who three years ago was utterly scandalized by the existence of bum-less panties. Who’s world was totally rocked that such a thing existed. and then to get a pair of them. And then to wear them in my first ever boudoir shoot.”

“I thought I was such a bad ass. and that is just so precious to me and so sweet”.

“I cherish that forever, I just love that that was earth shattering to me back than”.


Looking back at her intimate portraits in Calgary and where she is today. Honestly I can see a big difference in the woman she has become.

She’s a strong, intelligent, empowered human and having the pleasure of seeing her growth as a bad-ass babe is really special.

Knowing she still can look back at an experience she had three years ago and remember the feeling speaks for itself!

If you’re ready to book your intimate portraits in Calgary with me at my studio the first step is to reach out! Contact me here.

Outfits from Shein, La Vie En Rose And Calvin Klein

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