Intimate portraiture as art; why boudoir will make you appreciate your body in a new light – Sarah Pukin

February 21, 2023

Intimate Portraiture as art; why Boudoir will make you appreciate your body in a new light.

An Intimate Portraiture experience that will make you appreciate your body!

Intimate Portraiture as art – say what?

Yes, you heard me. Boudoir or Intimate Portraiture if you will, is one of the most beautiful ways you can capture yourself.

It’s an intimate experience where you learn to look at your body in a different way – in a raw and beautiful way. Your body is art and should be honoured.

I find a lot of ladies who come to my Calgary Boudoir Studio always say they feel like their photos look like art. I couldn’t agree more.

You’re walking into an experience of self love and turning it into not only a tangible item but also a memory that will forever resonate with you.

Everyone has their own reason for wanting to do an Intimate Portrait Photo Shoot and there is no wrong or right reason for doing one – but I believe the experience allows you to appreciate your body in a new way. To see yourself not as you do in a mirror or in passing but to appreciate the unique qualities of it.

Your body is beautiful, it has done so much for you and now is your chance to create art for yourself to honour it.

In the end you will feel different. A change in the way you view yourself will happen.

Those things you didn’t LOVE before you will appreciate after and most people make comments like “I hate my (body part)” and during proofing they usually say something like “damn I love that photo of my (body part)”.

Photography is a magical tool in seeing yourself differently and a perfect way to turn Intimate Portraiture into art for yourself!!

If you want to see yourself in a new way and have an experience like no other make sure to reach out here to book a call with me to discuss why Intimate Portraiture is something you will love!


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This babes outfits are from Lounge and Victorias Secret.

*This is also an example of what a full gallery could look like if you decide to add on all the digitals! (I didn’t add them all in here because: well that would be a very long blog post – but I added enough so you get the idea of the variety)!


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