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She said YES! Lake Louise and Banff Proposal Photographer.

Lake Louise and Banff Surprise Proposal Photography

Are you looking to propose to your partner in the Canadian Rocky Mountains? Maybe lakeside at Lake Louise and Banff or something a little more adventurous like the top of a mountain? Whatever your plan is I would love to document your Proposal!

I think every person who gets proposed to wishes they had photos of the moment to remember because it goes by so fast and if you’re not expecting it – you might be in shock!

Thats why I think over the last three or four years I have seen a massive boost in people booking a Lake Louise and Banff Proposal Photographer!

Below is one of the most heart warming Banff Proposals I have photographed.

The plan

His plan was to visit Lake Minnewanka with his gf to take some nice photos. Little did she know I had been following them since the parking lot.

After we had gone back and forth over different location options and spots around the lake that would work we settled on a little cove area at the lake. So I knew where I was following him to – my classic thumb behind the back to let me know he was ready and I got into position!

As he got down on one knee she turned and her face just lit up!

She said YES!

She said YES! Following the proposal there was a lot of love, laughter and shock! I cried a small bit because I’m a sap and I just really love photographing surprise proposals in Banff and the Rocky Mountains!

Following their proposal (luckily the rain held off during the proposal) we did some Engagement photos at a few spots. Then finished off at the Fairmount Banff Springs for some final moments before the rain poured!

If you’re thinking of proposing to your special someone feel free to reach out to go over ideas, locations and options!

I absolutely love photographing surprise proposal and in my next post I will be talking about the different ways my past clients have proposed and the pros and cons of each way!

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