Moraine Lake Proposal Photographer.

There is nothing better than a drizzly day at Moraine Lake out in Lake Louise. Especially when you’re a Moraine Lake Proposal Photographer!

There is something about the mood in the air and the excitement of seeing someone being proposed to.

The best part of waiting for a true surprise proposal is animal watching.

While I waited for this cute couple to come down to the spot where he was planning to propose I had multiple little furry friends come check out what I was doing. Even a bird was intrigued with me for quite some time.

As I waited the wind picked up a little and I heard voices in the distance – pretending to take selfies I saw the couple coming down the rocky path.

Down on one knee!

As soon as I knew it he was down on one knee and she was truly surprised!

Nothing makes me tear up more than happiness – I just loved her reaction.

Prior to the day I had been chatting with him for months going over details for the surprise proposal at Moraine Lake.

She loves vintage cars so he rented them a Nissan Gigaro and took her on a drive out to the Mountains before they were going to go for a nice dinner.

Thus they were dressed up in fancier attire – perfect for the occasion. Little did she know this was all part of an amazing plan to capture their Moraine Lake Proposal.

After the sweetest proposal we took some photos around the lake and then headed down the winding road for some photos with their classic car!

Seafoam Classic Car

I was especially pumped about this because the car he rented is my absolute favourite shade of seafoam Green.

The evening ended with her arms in the wind as they drove away to dinner and me smiling from ear to ear about how amazing the moments I captured for them were!

If you’re thinking about proposing to someone – I have three tips for you!

1. Hire a professional photographer!

This is obviously biased but I know having photos of such a big moment in your relationship is something priceless. The moment goes by really quickly – often people say they have no clue what was said to them because they were in shock or just so over the moon. So having photos to look at and relive this moment is truly special.

2. Thinking about location and time of day.

Mountain locations tend to be the busiest on weekends or fridays – avoid these days if you want to have your proposal more private or choose a location that you can rent or that is less of a tourist spot. Even the top of a mountain via a helicopter would be a perfect date turned into a proposal!

Choose a location with a view or an amazing backdrop! Something that will compliment your moment. My favorites are lakes, rolling fields or treelines!

3. Do you want to be dressed up for your photos or casual?

If you’re thinking of being dressed up – suggest going out for a fancy dinner or suggesting doing a couples photoshoot and we can plan some hand signals for when you’re ready to pop the question!

Contact me to find out more about what I offer for Surprise Proposal coverage!